Dri-Aid™ and Silver Dri-Aid™

Designed for ultimate patient cheek comfort, Dri-Aids™ and Silver Dri-Aids™ are thin, absorbent and protective wafers that improve access during procedures where a dry work area is critical for success. Silver Dri-Aids provide dentists additional benefits with a silver-coated laminated side that reflects light for improved visibility.

Size Quantity Product Number
Small 250 331125
Small 750 331190
Large 250 331320
Large 750 331375
Small (Silver) 250 332125
Small (Silver) 750 332190
Large (Silver) 250 332325
Large (Silver) 750 332375

The Benefits

Greater Visibility

Thin, protective wafers for improved visibility

Ultimate Absorption

Provide a dry work area for success

Reflective Backing

Available in reflective coating to reflect light during procedure


Ideal for procedures that require a dry field to work including: bonding procedures, restorations, cementations, and sealants.


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