TRU™ by Microbrush®

TRU™ by Microbrush® was developed based on feedback from clinicians. It is the first in Microbrush International’s extensive line of disposable applicators to feature a double-bending tip, a longer 12-centimeter handle and an Ultrafine 0.5-millimeter tip option.

Tip Size Color Product Number
Regular (2.0mm) Green 291160
Fine (1.5mm) Yellow 291161
Superfine (1.0mm) Gold 291163

80 applicators per tube

The Benefits

TRU’s unique double-bending tip is designed to give clinicians greater access to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The cutting-edge double bend is held in place with stay-put strength engineered to eliminate rebound, while the long handle is designed to give clinicians maximum tactile control. The product tube’s easy dispensing system with lock-in-place top is designed for dispensing with ease.


The flexible, double-bending tip and new Ultrafine 0.5mm head size option provides greater access to hard-to-reach areas.


Advanced adhesive technology designed for greater consistency.


A longer, 12-centimeter handle is designed to provide clinicians maximum control.


Ideal for applying sealants, bonding agents, etchants, cavity liners and disclosing solutions in almost any restorative dental procedure.


“My customers choose Microbrush with confidence because of their reliability—they know that they’re getting exactly what they need to get the job done every time.”

— Valued Dealer Partner

“Microbrush products do what they’re suppose to do. They give me control over what I’m doing and provide consistent, reliable performance that I can trust.”

— Loyal Microbrush User

“The quality and standards that Microbrush International has shown me over my 20 years of experience in the dental products industry is proof of their ongoing commitment to the industry and the sustainability of their brand and products.”

— Valued Dealer Partner

“First impressions are huge for me, and I’ve been impressed and satisfied with the quality and performance of Microbrush since day one. After many years of practice, Microbrush continues to be my go-to choice for applicators and restorative accessories.”

— Loyal Microbrush User