Microbrush® (Plus and Tube Series)

Our award-winning Microbrush applicators feature non-absorbent fiber tips and a bendable neck to give dentists maximum control of their procedures. Packaged in convenient, practical tubes for hygienic dispensing, or tray refills designed to fit in the Microbrush sion™ dispenser, these applicators are offered in a variety of sizes and colors.

Tube Series
Plus Dispenser Refill Series
Plus Dispenser Kit
Size Color Product Number
Regular (2.0mm) Blue MRB400
Regular (2.0mm) Green MRG400
Regular (2.0mm) Peach MRS400
Regular (2.0mm) Purple MRP400
Regular (2.0mm) Assorted MRA400
Fine (1.5mm) Pink MFP400
Fine (1.5mm) Yellow MFY400
Fine (1.5mm) Assorted MFA400
Superfine (1.0mm) White MSF400
Ultrafine (0.5mm) Orange MUO400
Ultrafine (0.5mm) Teal MUT400
Size Color Product Number
Regular (2.0mm) Blue PR400BL
Regular (2.0mm) Peach PR400PE
Regular (2.0mm) Purple PR400PU
Regular (2.0mm) Green PR400GR
Regular (2.0mm) Assorted PR400
Fine (1.5mm) Pink PF400PI
Fine (1.5mm) Yellow PF400YE
Fine (1.5mm) Assorted PF400
Superfine (1.0mm) White PSF400
Ultrafine (0.5mm) Orange PU400OR
Ultrafine (0.5mm) Teal PU400TE
Size Color Product Number Quantity
Regular (2.0mm) Assorted PR400-KIT 1 Sion™ Dispenser + 400 Applicators
Fine (1.5mm) Assorted PF400-KIT 1 Sion™ Dispenser + 400 Applicators
Superfine (1.0mm) White PSF400-KIT 1 Sion™ Dispenser + 400 Applicators
Fine (1.5mm) Yellow MPD 1 Sion™ Dispenser + 50 Applicators

Tube Series and Plus Dispenser Refill Series: 400 applicators per pack.   Plus Dispenser Kit: Sold in packs of four with 100 applicators per tube or cartridge and on sion™ dispenser.

The Benefits

With a stiff head designed for scrubbing and a strong bending portion for accurate placement of solution in hard to reach areas, Microbrush applicators offer dentists unparalleled convenience, consistency and control. The non-absorbent fiber tips hold solution in suspension until applied to ensure maximum control and precision in every restoration.


Four sizes and nine color options help keep trays organized in multi-step procedures


Our patented design with bendable neck facilitates the placement of material in difficult areas


Non-absorbent, non-linting fibers suspend solutions as small as 1/8 of a drop without drips or spills


Ideal for applying sealants, bonding agents, etchants, cavity liners and disclosing solutions in almost any restorative dental procedure.


“My customers choose Microbrush with confidence because of their reliability—they know that they’re getting exactly what they need to get the job done every time.”

— Valued Dealer Partner

“Microbrush products do what they’re suppose to do. They give me control over what I’m doing and provide consistent, reliable performance that I can trust.”

— Loyal Microbrush User

“The quality and standards that Microbrush International has shown me over my 20 years of experience in the dental products industry is proof of their ongoing commitment to the industry and the sustainability of their brand and products.”

— Valued Dealer Partner

“First impressions are huge for me, and I’ve been impressed and satisfied with the quality and performance of Microbrush since day one. After many years of practice, Microbrush continues to be my go-to choice for applicators and restorative accessories.”

— Loyal Microbrush User