Sion™ Dispenser

Specially designed to release one disposable applicator at a time. The dispenser’s built-in silver ions penetrate the cell wall of bacteria and disrupt key cell functions suppressing bacteria growth on the dispenser. The sion™ Dispenser is sold in individual packs and as co-packs with a variety of our award–winning applicator products.   Sold in Kits with the Microbrush Plus and Tube Series, Ultrabrush and Microbrush X.

The Benefits

The sion™ Dispenser provides clinicians with a convenient option for storing their applicators within easy reach. Designed to hold up to 100 applicators, the sion Dispenser is refillable using our unique cartridge system.


Antimicrobial properties built-in to protect the dispenser from bacterial growth


Specially designed to release one disposable applicator at a time


Featuring a compact and stackable design to save on precious counter space


Use with a variety of Microbrush brand micro-applicators for easy dispensing.


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