Instructions for Use

SmartView Clip

The patent-pending design of the SmartView Clip was created to twist rather than bend. This distributes stresses evenly across the entire surface of the Clip, making it easier to open while maintaining its shape even after repeated use. Using a sub-gingival approach, the SmartView clip creates an unobstructed view for greater access and places natural downward force on the prep area to keep the clip in place.

Size Quantity Product Number
One Size 3 Clips 291807

The Benefits

Each SmartView Clip is designed with the following features:

Locks in Place

Applies downward force toward the gingival margin – working with the natural contour of the tooth to seat it firmly in place every time

Strength and Flexibility

Tips are made of a semi-pliable nylon material for a combination of strength and flexibility


Primarily operating at or below the gingival margin to allow greater access to the prep area


For use in class II restorations in tandem with the other SmartView Sectional Matrix System components and a variety of bands.


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