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ContactPro® SmartBands

ContactPro® SmartBand Matrix Bands are just that-smart. Each ContactPro® SmartBand has a clearly defined marginal ridge and is made of super-thin stainless steel for contouring to the tooth. Every band features a SmartTab for easy pick-up and placement and is naturally curved for easy use. Non-stick coated bands are also available for easy placement and removal. Universal – works with ANY matrix ring!

Type Size Product Number Quantity
Coated 3.5mm 291704 100ct
Coated 4.5mm 291591 100ct
Coated 5.5mm 291593 100ct
Coated 6.5mm 291705 25ct
Coated 7.5mm 291706 25ct
Uncoated 3.5mm 291707 100ct
Uncoated 4.5mm 291590 100ct
Uncoated 5.5mm 291592 100ct
Uncoated 6.5mm 291708 25ct
Uncoated 7.5mm 291709 25ct

The Benefits

Each coated SmartBand is crafted with the following features:  

Anatomically Accurate

SmartBands are designed with a well-defined marginal ridge and sub-gingival extension.

Materials Matter

Smartbands are made with the thinnest and strongest steel available. Added rigidity resists crumpling allowing you to place the band the first time.

Non-Stick Surface

A coated composite side with an ultra-thin non-stick coating that does not react with bonding agents making removal predictable and easy.


For use in class II restorations in tandem with the other SmartView Sectional Matrix System components and a variety of other matrix systems.


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