Microbrush® Test Swabs

Microbrush offers various sterile test swabs to support different means of specimen collection. All swabs are manufactured, individually packaged and EO sterilized in the USA. Microbrush can also make custom test swabs to your specifications.

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Product Number Description UOM QTY
292489 NP Test Swab, 100mm breakpoint CS 1500
292497 NP Test Swab, 100mm breakpoint CS 1000
292496 NP Test Swab, 80mm breakpoint CS 1000
292512 AN Test Swab, 85 mm breakpoint CS 1000

Why Choose Microbrush

As a leading micro-applicator brand, Microbrush has been using flocking technology for nearly 30 years and holds more than 50 worldwide patents on this technology. Our FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified facility is located in Grafton, WI and utilizes a USA-only supply chain. We also offer complete design, development, and swab customization capabilities to customer specifications.


Sterile and ready-to-use swabs are individually packaged in a medical-grade pouch and ethylene oxide sterilized.

Nylon Flocked

Features a nylon 6-6 flocked swab head for efficient specimen collection and elution.

Made in the USA

Manufactured in an FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified, facility in Grafton, WI USA.